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12:45 PM - 1:05 PM : General Session

1:10 PM - 1:50 PM : Individual Classes


*Bala Balika Samajam is held once a month.

*Bible Workshop (BRS) distributed twice a month



The main intention of Sunday school is to provide education to children about the history of the church and the Bible. We seek to develop a character that provides good behavior. Our Sunday School format was developed in late 1964 with the name “Orthodox Sunday School Association of the East” (OSSAE). Our Sunday School like others in OSSAE, conduct church level and Area and Diocese level activities. 


The St. Mary’s Sunday school started in July 2011, at the same time the St. Mary's church was founded. From then on, the Sunday school is fully alive and functioning according to the guidelines presented to us by the Diocese of South West America. A dedicated team of teachers and substitute teachers are handling classes ranging from Pre-K to the 12th Grade. 


Sunday School classes are held every Sunday after the Holy Qurbana. A typical Sunday School day starts with a General Session for teaching students songs, prayers, liturgy, important dates, and hymns. After the General Session, each class meets with its class teacher. 


Extracurricular activities are held throughout the year such as Bala Balika Samajam, Orthodox Vacation Bible School (OVBS), Bible Read and Study (BRS) assignments, Annual Talent Competition, and Christmas Day Celebration which include a variety of Christian themed programs presented by each class or group.

BIBLE Reading & Study (B.R.S)

  • BRS Grade 3-5(coming soon)

  • BRS Grade 6-12(coming soon)

The Bible is in essence the Christian handbook for life. It contains God's Word to His children, His instructions for living. Therefore, reading and studying the Bible is one of the most important essentials in spiritual development.

Once our hearts are receptive to the Word, we can hear the motivations offered us in Scripture. Among other motives, we read the Bible to:
• Experience consistent joy (Ps 119:111)
• Sort out our thoughts and motivations (Heb 4:12)
• Guard ourselves from sin and error (Eph 6:11-17; 1Pe 2:1-2)
• Know God in a personal relationship (1Co 1:21; Gal 4:8-9; 1Tim 4:16)
• Know truth and think clearly about what God says is valuable (2Pe 1:21)
• Be built up as a community with other believers (Ac 20:32; Eph 4:14-16)
• Reject conformity to the world as we renew our minds (Rm 12:1-2; 1Pe 2:1-2)
• Experience God's freedom, grace, peace, and hope (Jn 8:32; Rm 15:4; 2Pe 1:2)
• Live well for God, expressing our love for Him (Jn 14:23-24; Rm 12:2; 1Th 4:1-8)
• Minister to Christ-followers and to those who have yet to respond to the gospel, experiencing God's approval for work well done (Jos 1:8; 2Tim 2:15; 3:16-17)

The goals of BRS are to encourage our kids to study and meditate on the Bible as they read. The process is as follows:


  1. Go the link above for your specific class

  2. Read the Biblical portions given, at least two times carefully.

  3. Think about it and meditate.

  4. Answer the questions given or do what you are asked.

  5. Experience spiritual and material rewards!



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